Our Fleet

    Our Fleet

    Owned or Finance Leased Vessels

    Vessel NameYear BuiltDWTIce ClassEmploymentVessel type
    1STI Brixton201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    2STI Comandante201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    3STI Pimlico201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    4STI Hackney201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    5STI Acton201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    6STI Fulham201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    7STI Camden201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    8STI Battersea201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    9STI Wembley201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    10STI Finchley201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    11STI Clapham201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    12STI Poplar201438,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    13STI Hammersmith201538,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    14STI Rotherhithe201538,7341ASHTP (1)Handymax
    15STI Amber201249,990SMRP (2)MR
    16STI Topaz201249,990SMRP (2)MR
    17STI Ruby201249,990SMRP (2)MR
    18STI Garnet201249,990SMRP (2)MR
    19STI Onyx201249,990SMRP (2)MR
    20STI Fontvieille201349,990SMRP (2)MR
    21STI Ville201349,990SMRP (2)MR
    22STI Duchessa201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    23STI Opera201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    24STI Texas City201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    25STI Meraux201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    26STI San Antonio201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    27STI Venere201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    28STI Virtus201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    29STI Aqua201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    30STI Dama201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    31STI Benicia201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    32STI Regina201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    33STI St. Charles201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    34STI Mayfair201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    35STI Yorkville201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    36STI Milwaukee201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    37STI Battery201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    38STI Soho201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    39STI Memphis201449,990SMRP (2)MR
    40STI Tribeca201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    41STI Gramercy201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    42STI Bronx201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    43STI Pontiac201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    44STI Manhattan201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    45STI Queens201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    46STI Osceola201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    47STI Notting Hill201549,6871BSMRP (2)MR
    48STI Seneca201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    49STI Westminster201549,6871BSMRP (2)MR
    50STI Brooklyn201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    51STI Black Hawk201549,990SMRP (2)MR
    52STI Galata201749,990SMRP (2)MR
    53STI Bosphorus201749,990SMRP (2)MR
    54STI Leblon201749,990SMRP (2)MR
    55STI La Boca201749,990SMRP (2)MR
    56STI San Telmo201749,9901BSMRP (2)MR
    57STI Donald C Trauscht201749,9901BSMRP (2)MR
    58STI Esles II201849,9901BSMRP (2)MR
    59STI Jardins201849,9901BSMRP (2)MR
    60STI Magic201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    61STI Majestic201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    62STI Mystery201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    63STI Marvel201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    64STI Magnetic201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    65STI Millennia201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    66STI Master201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    67STI Mythic201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    68STI Marshall201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    69STI Modest201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    70STI Maverick201950,000SMRP (2)MR
    71STI Excel201574,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    72STI Excelsior201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    73STI Expedite201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    74STI Exceed201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    75STI Executive201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    76STI Excellence201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    77STI Experience201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    78STI Express201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    79STI Precision201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    80STI Prestige201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    81STI Pride201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    82STI Providence201674,000SLR1P (3)LR1
    83STI Elysees2014109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    84STI Madison2014109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    85STI Park2014109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    86STI Orchard2014109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    87STI Sloane2014109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    88STI Broadway2014109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    89STI Condotti2014109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    90STI Rose2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    91STI Veneto2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    92STI Alexis2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    93STI Winnie2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    94STI Oxford2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    95STI Lauren2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    96STI Connaught2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    97STI Spiga2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    98STI Savile Row2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    99STI Kingsway2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    100STI Carnaby2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    101STI Solidarity2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    102STI Lombard2015109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    103STI Grace2016109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    104STI Jermyn2016109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    105STI Sanctity2016109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    106STI Solace2016109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    107STI Stability2016109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    108STI Steadfast2016109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    109STI Supreme2016109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    110STI Symphony2016109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    111STI Gallantry2016113,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    112STI Goal2016113,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    113STI Nautilus2016113,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    114STI Guard2016113,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    115STI Guide2016113,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    116STI Selatar2017109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    117STI Rambla2017109,999SLR2P (4)LR2
    118STI Gauntlet2017113,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    119STI Gladiator2017113,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    120STI Gratitude2017113,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    121STI Lobelia2018110,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    122STI Lotus2018110,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    123STI Lily2019110,000SLR2P (4)LR2
    124STI Lavender2019110,000SLR2P (4)LR2

    Time or Bareboat Chartered-In Vessels

    Vessel NameYear BuiltDWTIce ClassEmploymentVessel typeCharter typeDaily Base RateExpiry
    125Silent200737,8471ASHTP (1)HandymaxBareboat$6,300 31-Mar-20 (5)
    126Single200737,8471ASHTP (1)HandymaxBareboat$6,300 31-Mar-20 (5)
    127Star I200737,8471ASHTP (1)HandymaxBareboat$6,300 31-Mar-20 (5)
    128Sky200737,8471ASHTP (1)HandymaxBareboat$6,300 31-Mar-21 (5)
    129Steel200837,8471ASHTP (1)HandymaxBareboat$6,300 31-Mar-21 (5)
    130Stone I200837,8471ASHTP (1)HandymaxBareboat$6,300 31-Mar-21 (5)
    131Style200837,8471ASHTP (1)HandymaxBareboat$6,300 31-Mar-21 (5)
    132STI Beryl201349,990SMRP (2)MRBareboat$8,800 18-Apr-25 (6)
    133STI Le Rocher201349,990SMRP (2)MRBareboat$8,800 21-Apr-25 (6)
    134STI Larvotto201349,990SMRP (2)MRBareboat$8,800 28-Apr-25 (6)

    Newbuild Vessels

    Vessel NameYardDWTVessel type
    135Hull S458 – TBN STI MiracleHVS (7)50,000MR
    136Hull S469 – TBN STI MaestroHVS (7)50,000MR
    137Hull S470 – TBN STI MightyHVS (7)50,000MR
    138Hull S471 – TBN STI MaximusHVS (7)50,000MR


    1. This vessel operates in the Scorpio Handymax Tanker Pool (SHTP). SHTP is operated by Scorpio Commercial Management (SCM). SHTP and SCM are related parties to the Company.
    2. This vessel operates in the Scorpio MR Pool (SMRP). SMRP is operated by SCM. SMRP is a related party to the Company.
    3. This vessel operates in the Scorpio LR1 Tanker Pool (SLR1P). SLR1P is operated by SCM. SLR1P is a related party to the Company.
    4. This vessel operates in the Scorpio LR2 Pool (SLR2P). SLR2P is operated by SCM. SLR2P is a related party to the Company.
    5. This agreement includes a purchase option which can be exercised through December 31, 2018.  If the purchase option is not exercised, the bareboat-in agreement will expire on March 31, 2019. 
    6. In April 2017, we sold and leased back this vessel, on a bareboat basis, for a period of up to eight years for $8,800 per day.  The sales price was $29.0 million and we have the option to purchase this vessel beginning at the end of the fifth year of the agreement through the end of the eighth year of the agreement, at market based prices. Additionally, a deposit of $4.35 million was retained by the buyer and will either be applied to the purchase price of the vessel if a purchase option is exercised, or refunded to us at the expiration of the agreement.
    7. These new building vessels are being constructed at HVS (Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard Co., Ltd.), which will be bareboat charter-in upon completion of the construction. Three vessels are expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2020 and one vessel is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2020.