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Our primary objective as a company is to consistently achieve outstanding outcomes, while maintaining a forward-looking perspective that transcends the limitations of short-term financial gains. In our pursuit of sustainability, we actively seek to minimize our ecological footprint through the implementation of responsible business practices and the adoption of innovative solutions.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

At the core of our organization, we prioritize values, purpose, and mission and encompass our impact on the wider environment including the planet, the oceans we traverse, and the communities in which we operate.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Scorpio is fully committed to maximizing the environmental, social, and governance aspects of our overall ESG program in keeping with the globally shared blueprint from the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, we are aligned with the three goals that are relevant in our business environment:

3 Good health and well-being
Goal 3 Good health and well-being
8 Decent work and economic growth
Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth
12 Responsible consumption and production
Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production


As our world continues to be shaped by climate change, Scorpio Tankers strives to improve our energy efficiency by meeting targeted IMO GHG reduction targets, while satisfying all other clean air requirements, including for SOx, NOx, and Particulate Matter (PM).

Moving forward, all investments in new vessels will include deployed technologies with best-in-class environmental performance with each being designed to meet the IMO’s 2050 GHG reduction target to reduce emissions by 50%. While our existing fleet is 100% outfitted with ballast water management systems, 85% of our tonnage employs exhaust system scrubbers to actively lower sulfur emissions in an environmentally safe and sustainable way.


Our social commitment to our seafarers, onshore employees, and related stakeholders focuses on their physical and psychological health as it relates to their safety and wellbeing. By offering essential training and development on issues that resonate with our unique constituency, including seafarer education, safety awareness, diversity in the workplace, and wellness at sea, we ensure a collaborative environment with a responsible and invested work culture.

In addition to signing on to the Neptune Declaration that recognizes seafarers as key essential workers giving them priority to healthcare and wellness initiatives, we have adopted best management practices consistent with governing entities to protect our crews from piracy, hijacking, and kidnapping at sea.


As part of our ESG program and, specifically, our Sustainability Policy, we adhere to the highest standards as set out by our Code of Ethics. Our Code clearly defines our expectations regarding the performance and behavior for our employees, leadership, and related stakeholders and provides for open communication that is free from retaliation should issues need to be reported and investigated.

We provide ongoing induction training for all our people in the conduct and all ethical standards expected of them as members of the Scorpio team and have a zero-tolerance policy for corrupt or unethical behavior and any behavior that reflects poorly on Scorpio Tankers or its reputation.

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ESG Report 2023

Our Sustainability Report
Conveying Current Efforts


Learn more about our commitment and approach to sustainability with a focus on reducing GHG emissions, as well as positively impact the health of our employees and stakeholders and ensure corporate governance and the ethical treatment of those we encounter.

Sustainability Policy

Core Sustainability Principles by Which We Operate


Download our Sustainability Policy that defines our commitment to promote environmental and social responsibility in our operations through ethically principled business activities. Developed by our Board of Directors and Leadership Team, these policies define our business practices, relations, and actions.

Code of Ethics

Our Fundamental Commitment to Our Stakeholders


Download our Code of Ethics which serves as a framework of the fundamental principles and values that guide our conduct and decision-making. We believe our Code creates a culture of trust, respect, and accountability among our employees, and are proud to share it with all stakeholders.

2023 TCFD Disclosure

Climate Change Scenario Analysis


Download our Climate Change Scenario Analysis, which outlines the potential impacts and opportunities associated with various climate-related risks. This analysis provides a strategic framework to guide our decision-making and planning. We are committed to transparency and proactive measures in addressing climate change, and are proud to share this comprehensive report.